Cooking course for large families


Knowing how to cook is not self-evident, as we see for ourselves in our work with families in need and families from marginalized communities. Mothers often had no way to force their parents to cook, at least if they grew up in orphanages. They often cook from semi-finished products and very unhealthy, which is also reflected in the health condition of entire families. That's why we started implementing the Cooking Course project for families with many children.

Even in traditionalist regions like Orava, there is a loss of continuity in the intergenerational transmission of parenting and family skills. Therefore, the Youth Mission organization implemented a cooking project for children from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 10-15. The results were excellent - in families that used to cook from semi-finished products, they started cooking healthier and tastier food from raw materials, and the children also attracted their mothers and some fathers to the cooking classes.

We are transferring this successful project to the Lučenac region, where the situation of families from a marginalized environment is even worse. We will involve the families of children with whom we have been working in this location for a long time, but we have not yet provided them with help in such an active form. Until now, we have only passively given them food and clothing. The result of the project will be better family relationships, parenting skills, better health status of the involved families and a greater willingness to participate in other activities of our social center.