Montessoriworkshops for Roma children in the Savore SIGORD center


The Mission Possible initiative, which is under the umbrella of the Greek Catholic Roma Mission, succeeded in cooperation

with Forum of Life and o.z. For a person to realize a unique project in the field of education of the disadvantaged

Roma children. Mission Possible was chosen to educate these preschoolers and younger schoolchildren

Montessori pedagogy, which leads children to independence, concentration and order, and that

natural, child-friendly methods. Thanks to this support, she set up a Montessori classroom

in the Regional Center of the Roma Mission (in the Savore SIGORD center) and trained about 20 volunteers,

social workers and teachers in this method. Project coordinator Ivana Németová

explains: "Since May 2021, more than 60 meetings have taken place, mainly with Roma children from Abranoviec,

and great progress can be seen - in knowledge and skills. Children themselves love learning

in the Montessori classroom, many experience responsibility, concentration and completeness for the first time in their lives

silence. In particular, silence is something atypical for them, and yet, in the Montessori classroom, they can endure

in a focused, non-violent silence that gives them unexpected possibilities. Although there are many in the class

creative aids, children often reach for speech and math aids,

letters and numbers, specially adapted for education. We succeeded in this service

get already two stable volunteers: a Roma teacher in a kindergarten and a student

pedagogy that comes from Kežmark." These activities will be continued long-term, before

Mission Possible is another challenge: it will manage to ensure that none of these Roma children become first-graders

didn't fail? (Until now, in the village where the Roma children come from, each year approx. 4-5 children have fallen, mainly

first-year students.) Montessori workshops in the Regional Center of the Roma Mission are also open to the public, you can

to visit them at any time. Misia Mogóbá is still looking for volunteers for the Montessori classroom, offers

practical training and unforgettable experiences from the education of Roma children.

This project was realized thanks to support from the Together for the Region program of the Carpathian Foundation and the U.

S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

Ivana Németová, project coordinator