Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, we have been providing assistance to refugees and victims of the war conflict in Ukraine. In the first phase, we focused on assistance at the state border with Ukraine, where we provided refreshments, blankets and provided information activities for emigrants in the field of transport, housing and assistance options in Slovakia. We were involved in helping in refugee centers, especially in cooperation with Spišská Catholic Charity in the center in Dolní Smokovec. We provided assistance to emigrants in processing the status of emigrants, processing benefits in material need, interpretation. Materially, we ensured the furnishing of apartments, moving, transportation of people and materials when obtaining housing after leaving the refugee centers or directly from the border. We continue to help emigrants in the form of social counseling and in applying legal claims - help in finding housing, employment, help in placing children in school facilities. We provide or mediate all the necessary services - transport and escort of people to medical facilities and offices, to visit relatives in Slovakia and Ukraine, we provide interpretation, moving, transport of personal belongings from relatives from Ukraine, transport of people and humanitarian aid, which we obtain thanks to many corporate donors and individuals. In addition to helping those leaving Slovakia, we provide or mediate help to people affected by the war conflict in Ukraine, especially by providing humanitarian aid - food, hygiene items, generators, diesel and gasoline for generators, flashlights, candles, powebanks. In providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine, we cooperate mainly with Spišská Catholic Charity, with whom we also cooperate on the establishment and operation of a center for help to displaced people in Poprad. We provide activities through our employees, contractors and volunteers. We thank all donors, well-wishers and volunteers for all the donations and support provided.