Employment support


6/9/2022: In September 2022, our organization started implementing the project Step by step to employment, ITMS2014+: 312081BVS3. As part of the project, workers actively search for people who are inactive on the labor market and help them step by step to place themselves on the labor market. These are mainly activities focused on the development of working skills, educational activities, educational activities focused on the meaning of employment, obligations and rights resulting from labor-legal relations. In addition, activities such as assistance in registering job applicants, assistance in finding a job or part-time job, mentoring in obtaining employment and assistance in maintaining employment are carried out. The project is implemented in the period from September 1, 2022 to November 30, 2023. The project is implemented thanks to support from the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund within the Operational Program Human Resources. More information at www.ludskezdroje.gov.sk a www.employment.gov.sk. The amount of support is EUR 149,709.00.